Make your people your competitive advantage.


Whether you are looking to implement foundational HR practices and processes or want to develop people strategies to align with your company goals, our  HR Services can help you with your employee needs. After all, hiring, developing and retaining good people is critical to the success of your business.

Interim HR Management

Do you need temporary HR support? Are you planning to implement a large HR project and need extra support?

Our HR Services can help you with:

  • Temporary on-site coverage
  • Recruitment drives including candidate interviews and onboarding
  • Recruitment of your HR professionals
  • Career transition support to help your departing employees move with greater ease to their next phase
  • Change management strategies and employee support during business transitions
HR Consulting

Are you facing challenging Human Resources issues? Do you need to implement solid, foundational HR policies and programs, or is your goal to become an Employer of Choice?

We can help you with practical and strategic Human Resources solutions customized to meet your needs:

  • Advise you in day-to-day operational HR challenges and best people practices
  • Provide support in employee relations issues including discipline, terminations and exit interviews
  • Develop performance management programs to support your business and your employees
  • Help you develop a culture of excellence to maximize employee engagement, customer satisfaction and company profitability
  • Design effective onboarding and orientation programs to effectively integrate new employees into your organization
  • Develop job descriptions and HR policies that provide clear expectations and help your organization meet its legal requirements
Monica is one of those rare people who combine incredible talent and skills with a most delightful personality. Her energy and enthusiasm for her work in People Development was contagious, and she made everyone around her feel better about themselves, as well as about working for the City. Her work with the Quarterly Exempt Forum and the Green Team, showed her vision and leadership, and helped to move the City ahead in leaps and bounds. Working with Monica was a gift.
Kelly Harms

FOI Analyst, Ministry of Finance

Training & Leadership Development

Skilled and highly engaged employees are considered to be an organization’s competitive advantage and drive business success.  Soulterra HR delivers targeted training that provides people with skills and practical tools they can apply directly on the job.

HR Fundamentals – Program Outline

In small to mid-size organizations, HR functions often fall to non-HR Professionals in addition to their many other responsibilities. The components of this program provide non-HR professionals, supervisors/managers or individuals new in their HR role with the necessary skills and knowledge in key Human Resource Management areas:

Hiring for Performance

  • Learn how to attract key talent with your company brand and employee value proposition. Implement a recruitment and selection process that enables you to hire the right people for the job leading to better performance and increased retention.

Onboarding and Orientation

  • Learn about the critical components of an effective new hire onboarding and orientation program. Learn how to design and implement an orientation program that ensures new employees integrate quickly into their job and the department which leads to increased productivity and understanding of corporate culture and core values.

BC Employment Law

  • Learn about the employment laws that govern your organization including the BC Employment Standards Act, the BC Human Rights Code, the Workers’ Compensation Act and privacy legislation. Understand how they apply to your people practices and what types of policies and procedures you must have in place to meet the required standards.

Employee Relations

  • Dealing with employee issues is a critical part of a manager’s job. Learn how to assess employee issues and deal with them effectively, including coaching, managing performance, progressive discipline and termination.

Performance Management

  • Learn about effective processes and systems for managing employee performance. Understand the key role performance management plays in achieving your corporate strategy and optimizing productivity. Learn how to design and implement a performance management program that supports your organization’s goals and objectives.

Strategic HR Planning

  • Understand the link between strategic human resources planning and organizational effectiveness. Learn how to develop a human resources plan that supports your corporate strategy, including environmental scanning, forecasting of human resources needs and succession planning.

Leadership Essentials – Program Outline

Effective leaders are critical to business success. They set the tone of the workplace culture, drive employee and organizational performance and help to bring out the best in people. The components of this program are designed for new supervisors/managers and those who want to increase their leadership effectiveness.

Leadership Style Assessment

  • Become a more effective leader by discovering your preferred leadership style and understand its impact on others through using self-assessment tools. Assess how your personal values contribute towards the practice of authentic leadership to earn the trust and confidence of those you lead.

Effective Communication

  • Learn how to improve human relations skills, increase communication effectiveness, strengthen interpersonal relationships and practice active listening skills. Develop effective communication skills and become a more persuasive communicator and problem solver.

Conflict Management

  • Gain the necessary skills and confidence to resolve workplace issues in a respectful and solution-oriented manner. Become familiar with different conflict management styles and learn how to achieve desired outcomes while preserving the relationship with the other party.

Coaching for Performance

  • Learn about the core management skills and approaches to maximize employee performance and engagement, including setting clear expectations, giving and receiving feedback, managing difficult conversations and holding people accountable.

Time and Stress Management

  • Increase your effectiveness and make the most out of your time and available resources. Improve your organizational skills and institute effective workflow systems for efficient processing and prioritization of tasks. Detect signs of stress and learn how release increased levels of tension to remain healthy and happy at work.

Increasing Employee Engagement

  • Understand the fundamentals of employee engagement and learn about initiatives and programs you can put into place to help you create an inspiring workplace where employees commit their hands, heart and mind, are more productive, enjoy greater job satisfaction and stay longer with your company.

MBTI® Leadership and Team Development

The MBTI assessment is a powerful framework through which people increase their understanding of their own behaviour and that of others. In this customizable course, or in one-on-one sessions, you learn to:

  • Identify your leadership style.
  • Improve your communication style.
  • Understand different problem solving approaches and make team problem solving more effective.
  • Understand the impact you have on teams.
  • Value diversity and learn how to resolve conflict.
  • Learn how to use knowledge of your type to enhance your emotional intelligence.
  • Improve the quality of work and personal relationships.

It has been such a pleasure to work with Monica. For the first time in an organization, I experienced what true leadership was. More than vague concepts and words, Monica lived the leadership qualities she inspired us to acquire thus making us better and more fulfilled Managers.
Johane Thibault

JOTA Consulting Inc.

Respectful Workplace / Diversity and Inclusion

Creating and maintaining a respectful work environment is not only the right thing to do, it is also an employer’s responsibility and legal obligation. A respectful workplace supports the physical and psychological wellbeing of employees and serves as the cornerstone of a positive company culture where employees feel valued and cared for.

Diversity is critical to an organization’s ability to innovate and adapt in a fast-changing environment. It is the role of managers to help unleash the potential of the many different skillsets, backgrounds and experiences of a diverse workforce to maximize company productivity and customer satisfaction. 

We offer the following programs to organizations as part of our HR Services:

Respect in the Workplace: Addressing Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination
Learn how to identify and address bullying and harassment in your workplace.  Fulfill your legal obligations by training your managers and employees on the policies and procedures needed to create a respectful and positive work environment for all.
Managing Diversity in the Workplace
Learn about the benefits of cultural diversity and inclusion to your organization’s success and how to create an inclusive work environment that leverages high employee engagement and performance.
Monica Affleck was the ultimate ‘People Professional’ during her tenure at the City of Abbotsford. She led by example, was a mentor and a coach to help colleagues through difficult but sometimes necessary employee-related decisions.

Coming from a principle-oriented, values-based place, Monica will enrich the atmosphere of any organization she joins.

Karen Sinclair

Director of Finance, Township of Langley

Your Human Resource Management & Leadership Development Expert in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland.